Do-Gooder Consulting President JP Paulus grew up in Hoffman Estates, and went to school at Northwestern University. He then emigrated to the North Side of Chicago. There, he started his involvement with Urban Ministry through Uptown Baptist Church. His work with Uptown’s youth ministry developed his heart for networking and resourcing, becoming City Networker for YouthPartnersNET.

JP spent time with the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, gaining much knowledge and passion to help student s get to college and find the resources to graduate.

After 12 years in the Chatham community on the South Side of Chicago, he now lives the Bronzeville neighborhood, growing connections in his new community.

He continues his passion for providing services for churches, non-profits and small businesses.

JP Paulus can be contacted by calling/texting 872-222-8008 or e-mail at

The Do-Gooder Consulting website can be found at and the Do-Gooder blog, with informational updates, can be found at