What They Say


JP Paulus, president of Do-Gooder Consulting, has been featured by local media outlet Zack’s TV. We are grateful for Zack Isaac’s coverage of our community.


“JP Paulus is a lover of God, community and people. He has worked with our congregation to bring missions groups to serve in our community as well as provided a Free FAFSA workshop for college students in our community. I highly recommend Do-Gooder Consulting for those who are looking for someone passionate about community transformation.”Jonathan Brooks,former pastor of Canaan Community Church (Chicago IL) and now senior pastor of Lawndale Community Church



Clients & Audience

Executive Director of Y-Men in Lawndale, Mike Trout

The Young Men’s Educational Network was recently approved by Com-Ed to update its electrical fixtures throughout our 9,000 square foot youth center, at no cost to Y-Men.  These upgrades included new LED lights and ballasts and sensor-based switches that allow for lights to be left off until they are needed by our students and staff. The upgraded equipment held the promise of reducing our energy consumption with the dual benefit of saving our non-profit valuable resources, as well as, conserving energy to reduce our carbon footprint.  I am thrilled to say that both of these benefits have been realized!  We now have new, upgraded equipment that costs less and demonstrates greater stewardship with our earth’s limited resources.


In addition to these benefits, what surprised us the most was the improved visual affect the new lighting had upon our overall environment.  

The center became brighter, the interior colors became more vibrant and some thought the inside walls had been recently painted.

The new lighting gave our youth center an interior facelift.  I could not be more thrilled by these improvements!  


Thank you for partnering with YMEN to create a more beautiful and energy efficient space for the youth and families in the North Lawndale community.  

A Thank you in the church bulletin of Resurrection Lutheran Church on the South Side of Chicago

First Bethlehem Lutheran Church is glad to have worked with JP Paulus (and Trade Ally Global Generation Group). We had old fluorescent light fixtures in our basement, where most of our weekday activities take place, and it was increasingly difficult to get the old-style light bulbs to go with them as they burned out. This was the perfect solution: replacing the fluorescent bulbs with LED strips. As a result, we have lower lighting costs–and the basement is brighter! The crew was very efficient, completing the work in less than a day. I would highly recommend them to any church that is considering upgrading outdated fixtures.

Pastor James Kellerman
First Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Chicago, Illinois


My name is Tommie Lymon.


I am Chairman of the Trustees at Resurrection United Methodist Church. Resurrection Is indebted to Mr. Paulus of Do-Gooder Consulting.


His caring and patience was a God-send because our church was having problems at the time. He contacted us about replacing the old light fixtures with new LED lights. The lights would be brighter and less expensive after installment and are turned on and off automatically. 


Mr. Paulus stayed with us as we were going thru, dedicated and patient. He waited longer than a month to give us the help we needed because of our circumstances, even though it held him back. However, when Mr. Paulus got the okay, the installers (Global Generation Group ), came and did the job completely in about four (4 ) days.                                                                               


Resurrection Church is very thankful to have initially been contacted by Mr. Paulus and appreciative of his professionalism, kindness, patience and thoroughness.


    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,  Mr. Paulus!


     Tommie Lymon,  Chair of  Trustees, Resurrection United Methodist Church