Community Outreach & Development

Our focus in this category is to get you connected with the community around you.  No matter what the needs are in your community, you will also have assets that you can draw from.

Whether you are working in a church, non-profit, organization, business or even on the political trail, Do-Gooder Consulting can better help you connect with the community around you.

We will use specialized brainstorming techniques to see what partnerships and communication strategies work best with your community, and help you to implement them.

We will sit down with you and map out strategies to help you achieve success, as well as foster genuine relationships in your community, so that your organization can build on these successes.

JP Paulus has had several years of experience working with missions teams. He has hosted week-long groups as well as supervising summer-long interns . He has worked with the Urban Connexx and City Connexx missions programs to connect groups with appropriate activities and ministries in order to help inspire and grow both host and visitors.